Easy View Displays
Floor Display F100-50KD
- 50 panels
- Panel sizes: 30 x 40
- Adjustable from 55 to 67
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Econo Bin EB-200
- 37 H x 36 W x 30 D
- White, Grey or Black
- Easy to assemble
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Art Display AD50-25
- 25 Panels, 20 x 24
- Adds on to our F60 or F100 Models
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Table Top T50-25
- 25 Panels
- 20 x 24
- Wall Mount or Table
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Econo Bin EB-200

Increase your display area with a quiet display that invites browsing.

Allow close inspection while protecting your wares.

Locate your displays at high traffic areas or out of the way spots.

Our displays are ideal for:

- Fine Art - Posters
- Real Estate Listings - School Projects
- Presentations - Historical Records
- Maps - Supermarket Fliers
- Information and Notices


Easy View Displays are used by:

- Art Galleries - Poster Shops
- Supermarkets - Map Retailers
- Fire Departments - Museums
- Government Offices - Business Seminars
- Schools & Colleges - Real Estate Agencies
- Information Booths - Photographers
Table Top T100
Real Estate Agencies and Information Booths find these displays are a giant space saver.

Map Retailers, Schools and Colleges use our product for displaying maps and photographs.

Retailers have been using our displays to feature special product notices or illustrations.

Government Offices and Fire Departments use our product for displaying route and trail maps.

Businesses use our large book style display at seminars, as it is easy to page through and present information.

Easy View Displays will work with you to design a product to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in being able to custom build for our customers any type of display whether it be a table, wall or floor model with panels made to the size of your choice.
Art Display - AD50-25

Art Display AD50-25   25 panels

  Size: 20" x 24"

  Adds on to our F60 or F100 Models

  Panels framed with P.V.C. for Quiet viewing and durability
Table Top - T50-25

Table Top T50-25   25 panels

  Size: 20" x 24"

  Wall mount or table top

  Panels framed with P.V.C. for Quiet viewing and durability

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