Easy View Displays
Floor Display F100-50KD
- 50 panels
- Panel sizes: 30 x 40
- Adjustable from 55 to 67
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Econo Bin EB-200
- 37 H x 36 W x 30 D
- White, Grey or Black
- Easy to assemble
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Art Display AD50-25
- 25 Panels, 20 x 24
- Adds on to our F60 or F100 Models
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Table Top T50-25
- 25 Panels
- 20 x 24
- Wall Mount or Table
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Easy View Displays has been manufacturing custom-made displays for more than twenty years.

The advantage of the Easy View Displays is the Whisper Quiet Panels which we call the "Quiet Revolution".

Over 12 years ago we changed from metal to plastic, as there were many complaints about the weight of the displays and the noise when flipping the panels.

Each panel can display media on both sides.

They are constructed of crystal clear TXP polyester, framed with a PVC extrusion and fitted with a acid free white cardboard divider.

We have three colors.

Black, white and medium gray.

Our displays will last for years.

The metal frames are made of 16 gauge square tubing.

Art Display - AD50-25

Art Display AD50-25   25 panels

  Size: 20" x 24"

  Adds on to our F60 or F100 Models

  Panels framed with P.V.C. for Quiet viewing and durability
Table Top - T50-25

Table Top T50-25   25 panels

  Size: 20" x 24"

  Wall mount or table top

  Panels framed with P.V.C. for Quiet viewing and durability

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